Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Socks, Happy Feet!

Happy Socks are colorful, cute and comfortable!!
All of these fun socks are made in Turkey by a family lead factory. Happy socks are the epitome of comfort and quality, every step in the making of these socks are for both. Through the way the cotton is combed before spun into thread making sure only the stronger and comfier fibers stay, to the computerized machines making sure the pattern is woven to a tee, to the hand sewn seam at the toe making sure there is no overlap and bulge.
These great socks have an amazing fit and even more fun patterns, designs, and colors. Happy Socks will always make you smile when you look at your feet and see them! (shoo) just got in new shipments of these great socks! Come in and check them out!!

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