Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Shoes at (shoo)!

Hey Hey shoe and (shoo) lovers!! Every couple of days (shoo) gets in new shipments of shoes. Today was one of those days! Check out this great new shoe we just got in, Nena, by Jeffrey Campbell! This gold gladiator sandal is waiting to be worn on your feet and is perfect for summer! It is stylish and cute-to-boot!

The Nena sandal has a leather foot bed and is adorned with metal beads on top and around the ankle band. This is the first new style to come in by Jeffrey Campbell so come in and check out the new styles as they come in.

Along with Nena by Jeffrey Campbell we still have our amazing shoes by United Nude. All of United Nude's shoes are so fabulous that they will leave your feet confused about which ones are cuter!The styles of United Nude shoes in this picture are Eamz. Eamz in the camel color is all leather with a gold buckle and heel. Eamz in black has a leather foot bed with elastic bands accented with leather around the foot and ankle.

Also get excited for our new United Nude shoe, Stealth Helix, which will be coming in soon!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A little bit for everyone!

(shoo) has something for all ages! Along with our great shoes, clothing, and jewelry that attract the adult crowd, there is still fun for the little ones too! This past Saturday we were greeted with parents coming in with their kids on their way to and from the weekly Madison Farmers Market around the Capitol. While the kids played in the store (shoo) captured it all on camera.

We painted our desk with special paint so it is a chalk board on top. Now our desk is the main attraction for the little ones.

(shoo) is also a place of learning as little Alex tells us about the cool shoes he's wearing.

They made time in their busy schedules of fun for a photo opp with owner, Kate.

And after drawing on the chalk board desk, coloring, and striking fierce poses the kids had a rest and a snack.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Madison (shoo) has jewelry too!

People constantly come into our Madison location expecting the store to be identical to the Milwaukee flagship shop. Truth is, the stores do have a lot in common, but they each maintain their individual perks and charm (a lot like the Blake siblings themselves!) The selections and offerings can sometimes vary between the stores but one noticeable difference is that (shoo) Madison carries jewelry by local artists!

One artist whose work we feature is Thom Scott. Thom creates beautiful and intricate sterling silver and copper pieces with a unique machine, or perhaps even robotic, aesthetic.

(shoo) is also proud to carry the exquisite and delicate work of Evansville artist Erin Bowe. Her feminine and understated pieces are the perfect complement to every outfit. We really love her beach stone earrings and bird pendants.
Did you know you can ride your bicycle and wear it too? You can if you shop at (shoo)! Becky Tesch creates fun and playful jewelry made of recycled bicyle parts. Such a great way to go green and look cute at the same time.
We also carry vintage and antique inspired jewelry by Papavier. Her attention to detail and playful approach make her pieces such a delight to wear. We can't help but feel transported back in time (y'know, that time when people hand-wrote letters?) whenever we see her adorable love letter necklace.

(shoo) Madison also carries jewelry made by Jen Simonelli, the shop manager. Under her line, Land and Laboratory, Jennifer creates necklaces and earrings made of new and vintage buttons. Her use of buttons started years ago when she stumbled upon her mother's vintage button jar. Now, years later, she gets her buttons from friends and family all over the world and often has a story to go with each piece.

(shoo) also has the awesomest stained glass earrings and necklaces by Kate Blake, jewelry made of ceramics, and sooo much more!

Friday, May 14, 2010

We’re happy to announce our newest Jeffery Campbell and All Black shoes are on the shelves and ready to be rocked!

Jen and Martina had the taxing job of quality control and are pictured here making sure the All Black Raffia beauties are fit for the shelves.

…followed by one of Martina’s infamous “shoe tantrums”, though it ceased with enough time for a happy ending.

What's black & white and comfy all over? It's back to mixing business with pleasure in these sweet Jeffery Campbell Recipes.

Last but in no way least, impressivly versitile Tills from Jeffery Campbell are just what your wardrobe needs to spring into fashion action... anytime, anywhere!