Monday, August 23, 2010

Be Art-sy Fartsy

Our latest shipment of fall shoes at (shoo) came full of beautiful works of art for your feet. These gorgeous and unique shoes from Art feature fun and artistic patterns and colors to brighten even the gloomiest fall day.

First from Art is New York 891. This ultra chic shoe has an urban feel with its brown mary-jane style base and forest green attached spat with brown trim detail. The shoe zips up on the side for easy on and off and the rubber platform and heel with keep you planted firmly on the ground.
Next is Tate 706, a purple leather bootie. This isn't your average purple shoe though, this one is inspired by the digital age and features a pixelated pattern on the body of the shoe.

Continuing the urban chic feel is New York 890, a violet pump with a navy blue y-strap. The shoe gracefully combines a mary-jane body with a chunky rubber heel.

Finally we have the show-stopper of the set: Tate 702. This red and black plaid boot is a real head-turner. It features a chunky heel, side zip, and three black buttons up the side.

These shoes make us proud to be Art geeks!

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  1. How cute is that!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!...ALL