Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Socks, Happy Feet!

Happy Socks are colorful, cute and comfortable!!
All of these fun socks are made in Turkey by a family lead factory. Happy socks are the epitome of comfort and quality, every step in the making of these socks are for both. Through the way the cotton is combed before spun into thread making sure only the stronger and comfier fibers stay, to the computerized machines making sure the pattern is woven to a tee, to the hand sewn seam at the toe making sure there is no overlap and bulge.
These great socks have an amazing fit and even more fun patterns, designs, and colors. Happy Socks will always make you smile when you look at your feet and see them! (shoo) just got in new shipments of these great socks! Come in and check them out!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Victorian Era

If you were here when we opened the shipment from Neosens earlier today, you would have thought we had traveled back in time! The indulgent and luxurious new shoes from Neosens have 18th and 19th century influences while maintaining a contemporary feel.

First is Syrah 205, a gorgeous bootie that plays with textures. This is a brown bootie with a beautiful and intricate black brocade pattern on the leather. The bootie is detailed with brown velvet trim and a sheer brown ribbon in the back.
Next is the appropriately named Rococo 766. All the shoes in Neosen's Rococo line are clearly influenced by French Rococo- an 18th century art movement characterised by lavish ornamentation. This black bootie again features an intricate brocade pattern stamped across the body of the built-in spat.
Rococo 742 is a brown mary-jane shoe. The leather is embossed with a snake skin pattern and the curving silhouette of the shoe and heel fits perfectly within the Rococo style of undulating organic shapes.
Next we have Syrah 204, a syrah red wine colored mary-jane. The leather has a beautiful honeycomb texture. The strap across the vamp has a velcro closure that makes this shoe easy to put on and take off your foot.
Finally, we have the piece de resistance! Rococo 799 is the ultimate in Victorian styling! The leather boot has a glorious brocade pattern all the way up the body of the shoe and silver buttons up the center. Don't worry about having to button yourself in everytime you wear these though- the buttons are simply decoration as there is a side zip to make getting them on very easy!
Show off your vintage and art know-how with these Victorian inspired shoes from Neosens!

Be Art-sy Fartsy

Our latest shipment of fall shoes at (shoo) came full of beautiful works of art for your feet. These gorgeous and unique shoes from Art feature fun and artistic patterns and colors to brighten even the gloomiest fall day.

First from Art is New York 891. This ultra chic shoe has an urban feel with its brown mary-jane style base and forest green attached spat with brown trim detail. The shoe zips up on the side for easy on and off and the rubber platform and heel with keep you planted firmly on the ground.
Next is Tate 706, a purple leather bootie. This isn't your average purple shoe though, this one is inspired by the digital age and features a pixelated pattern on the body of the shoe.

Continuing the urban chic feel is New York 890, a violet pump with a navy blue y-strap. The shoe gracefully combines a mary-jane body with a chunky rubber heel.

Finally we have the show-stopper of the set: Tate 702. This red and black plaid boot is a real head-turner. It features a chunky heel, side zip, and three black buttons up the side.

These shoes make us proud to be Art geeks!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trippen Out

(shoo) has new shoes from the German brand Trippen. You'll walk gracefully in these gorgeous shoes while your admires trip over how fabulous you look!

The first shoe, Gentle, is a black leather mary-jane that gently hugs your feet. The shoe has the standard cross-style Trippen rubber wedge platform.

Next is Imperial, a modern take on the riding boot. It's all in the details with this shoe as its leather straps wind their way around the body of the boot. We think these are the perfect combination of sci-fi and practicality; making it great for riding a unicorn or battling the cold winter weather.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The (Shoo) Family Jewels

The (shoo) family would like to welcome jewelers Bree Rose and Dianne Thomasini into the mix!

Bree produces her line, Rosefly out of Milwaukee. With the recent surge of the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement, (shoo) is pleased to say that Rosefly's earrings are made from reclaimed and recycled materials. Check out the various "Card Trick" designs (below), which are made of playing card cutouts with attached jeweled pendants. With a pair of Rosefly earrings you can be all 'decked' out!

Dianne Thomasini, also out of Milwaukee, brings a variety of mixed media necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, and pendants. Her pieces incorporate vintage bezel settings, leather chords, and even depictions of our lady of guadalupe. The brass coloring throughout her collection give it an old world charm.

Stop in at (shoo) to check out the latest members of the (shoo) jewelry family!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's the Mata?

There's nothing the matter with Mata Traders! Mata Traders is a fair trade company based in Chicago that works with craftspeople in India to deliver unique designs. We've seen fair trade practices take off recently and we're happy to see people become conscious of the production and methods behind their clothing. (shoo) Madison is proud to deliver Mata Traders' fabulous and affordable frocks to our customers.

Here's a look at the new items we got in stock this week.

First is a turquiose and teal floral print sweetheart neckline dress. What's fabulous about this aborable dress is the fact that it can transition you into the fall! It's perfect on its own for this month but it can take you through November by wearing a long sleeve tee and tights underneath. Jen has paired this cutie with new Biviel charcoal booties.

Next a versatile jumper style dress. We have this one in two different patterns; it's available in wine and turquoise. Again, this is a real three season dress. You can wear this belted or open for very different looks. Here it's paired with Cydwoq's Forbid.

If dresses aren't really your thing, check out this cute polka dot cropped jacket! This one can be worn for work or play. Here, Jen has paired this with a fushia dress from Des Arbres and an awesome new bootie from United Nude called Fold.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All Black is All That

It's shaping up to be an adorable looking fall with these new shoes from All Black. The new line of fall shoes from the brand features mixed textures, colors, and patterns to keep the shoes interesting and different. The (shoo) Madison girls have teamed the new styles with clothing by Fashion Ninja to show you how to rock the fall's hottest looks.

First up is Fish Tie, a gray fish-scale printed leather bootie with black patent leather toe cap and heel. These sleek and sophisticated shoes are practical for everyday and the nicely balanced heel makes the bootie very comfortable. The shiny patent leather makes this a shoe that can transition from day to night easily.

Next is Lady Tie (notice the trend?), a coffee brown mary jane that laces across the vamp. The leather is slighty shiny and textured to take this shoe to a new level of cuteness. The slight heel makes this the perfect work or play shoe while the neutral color helps it match everything in your wardrobe; It's an essential fall shoe!

Third is Bomber, an appropriately named peep toe wedge that seriously looks like a bomber jacket for your feet. The texture and pattern of these black wedges perfectly complements this Fashion Ninja dress with a ruched sleeve.

Finally we have Soft Buckle, a beige woolly mary jane shoe with black patent toe cap, buckle strap and heel. We've seen the spectator style come back into style in recent seasons and All Black has made sure that you keep with the trend in this wonderfully soft and comfy shoe. We simply love the combination of textures on this shoe!

Monday, August 2, 2010

No Spain, No Gain.

Hispanitas is a brand of shoes made in Spain. The shoes often have a vintage feel, unique color combinations, and super soft leather. Our latest shipment of fall shoes from this brand has us singing its praises and saying "No Spain, no gain" when it comes to footwear this fall.

The first shoe from Hispanitas is a lovely little lady named Karen. This mary-jane inspired pump has warm brown, black, and red wine colored leather swirling across the toe. The snap closure gives this shoe a more tailored look. It's sure to match any ensemble you put together this fall!

Last, but certainly not least is Lara, a chocolate brown colored leather wedge bootie. The folded top and laces are reminiscent of vintages styles but the comfort and softness keeps this beauty modern and edgy. These are truly a marvel to wear; you can't even feel the heel!

Stop in to (shoo) soon to see why we've fallen in love with these cute new shoes from Hispanitas!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New At (shoo)!

Check out what's new at (shoo)!

Des Areres is the latest clothing brand to join the (shoo) family. Jen has paired this pink willow dress, Clouche the mary jane pump with charming circular cutout details by Re Mix, and a white button necklace, which she creates.

The United Nude Fold Mid2 ( pictured above) is inspired by the fluent movement of a single strip. This 2 inch heel puts a spin on the always classic black bootie.