Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1911 Collection by h(om)e

Hey guys! We just got in some really interesting pieces by Milwaukee brand (h(om)e). You might recognize the name from their awesome wallet and purse lines, but they've now expanded into clothing! We were lucky enough to grab some blouses and dresses in a number of colors and designs. Each handmade piece is designed to be worn several ways (and special clips to pin them are included), so not only are you wearing a completely unique item, but you can also switch it up and wear it however you want. Here at (shoo) we love the idea of getting extra miles out of something fabulous.

Maya is wearing a blue tank top from 1911 by (h(om)e)


Stitching detail and battery clip detail

Shown here off the shoulder

Here Maya wears a red print dress for 1911 by (h(om)e) and a purple belt from the same collection, accented by 17110 boots by Sixtyseven.

Ruching opened here by battery clips

We also love the pattern on this dress!

Battery clip detail

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Easily one of the the most unique brands featured at (shoo), Trippen offers an architectural take on fall and winter shoes. Libby and Maya model some of our choice picks this season that feature organic shapes, soft leathers, and interesting textures. The boots and booties featured below are handcrafted in Germany.

Libby (left) wears the Trippen Tweed, and Maya wears the Trippen Flair.

The Trippen Tweed (left) ankle bootie features unique black woven netting over the top of the shoe, and a raised rubber sole for lift and comfort. The Flair (right) has an asymmetrical fold over the shoe to lengthen the leg, and a side zipper for easy off-and-on.

Libby wears the Trippen River boot in black leather. This mid-calf boot is accented with raw seams, loose leather at the top, a thick structured sole, and a side zipper.

Above, Libby wears the Trippen Wind. A nice accompaniment to the River, this mid-calf shoe is made of soft, mottled gray leather and features diagonal raw seams up the shaft of the boot. Sophisticated with a bit of fun, the Wind is the perfect boot for those looking for something different this season.

From this photo, you can see the Wind's raised detailing, signature Trippen sole, and full-length zipper.