Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More of Our Favorite Things

Hello (shoo)ies!

The holiday season isn't over quite yet, because we've got just a few days until New Years Eve! We've got more than a few bright things in our store that will certainly help you light up the room. Take a look at some of our eye-catching jewelry, belts, and shoes.

Rico belt by Bed Stu, $49; Triangle Pendant by mikinora, $74; Trifoil earrings by mikinora, $62

Rico belt detail

We absolutely adore this collection by Wisconsin jeweler, mikinora. All of her pieces are unique and edgy, but feature natural, organic shapes. We carry the sterling or gold cast version of all styles featured above.
Trifoil studs, $28; Rock studs, $44; Spike earrings, $56

A favorite casual boot of the season - the TOMS Highland Brown Botas (also available in Ash), $89

A colorful array of TOMS! Above are the Sherry and Teal Stonewash Corduroys, Black and Silver Glitter, Dare-to-Teach Pink, Hand-Drawn Metallic Dots, and Pewter Sequins, all $54

Don't forget to stop by Madison (shoo) to check out our vintage clothing and accessories (for all of you heading to New Years theme parties!)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Favorite Things

With the holidays right around the corner, we know that shopping can get a little stressful. Luckily, (shoo) carries a variety of items in all price ranges, so you're bound to find something perfect! We've put together a few photos of items we are currently carrying in our Madison store to give you ideas for gift giving. This first post features new jewelry by one of our favorite designers, Papavier.

New jewelry by Papavier! We love this brand because their jewelry always features unique detailing, surprising shapes, beautiful metals, and best of all, prices that won't break your budget. Light-weight brass necklace embossed with tiny arrows and a sun or moon. $32

Papavier created matching brass earrings as well!


The bracelet above comes in a few different colors. Pictured here is the feather bracelet with burnt-orange beads, also available in chartreuse. $25


We thought these earrings were awesome! These brass "lumberjack" earrings by Papavier have little dangly saws and axes that look edgy and super cute.


To see more from Papavier, come in to Madison (shoo) today! Stay tuned this month for more holiday blog posts on our favorite things.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1911 Collection by h(om)e

Hey guys! We just got in some really interesting pieces by Milwaukee brand (h(om)e). You might recognize the name from their awesome wallet and purse lines, but they've now expanded into clothing! We were lucky enough to grab some blouses and dresses in a number of colors and designs. Each handmade piece is designed to be worn several ways (and special clips to pin them are included), so not only are you wearing a completely unique item, but you can also switch it up and wear it however you want. Here at (shoo) we love the idea of getting extra miles out of something fabulous.

Maya is wearing a blue tank top from 1911 by (h(om)e)


Stitching detail and battery clip detail

Shown here off the shoulder

Here Maya wears a red print dress for 1911 by (h(om)e) and a purple belt from the same collection, accented by 17110 boots by Sixtyseven.

Ruching opened here by battery clips

We also love the pattern on this dress!

Battery clip detail

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Easily one of the the most unique brands featured at (shoo), Trippen offers an architectural take on fall and winter shoes. Libby and Maya model some of our choice picks this season that feature organic shapes, soft leathers, and interesting textures. The boots and booties featured below are handcrafted in Germany.

Libby (left) wears the Trippen Tweed, and Maya wears the Trippen Flair.

The Trippen Tweed (left) ankle bootie features unique black woven netting over the top of the shoe, and a raised rubber sole for lift and comfort. The Flair (right) has an asymmetrical fold over the shoe to lengthen the leg, and a side zipper for easy off-and-on.

Libby wears the Trippen River boot in black leather. This mid-calf boot is accented with raw seams, loose leather at the top, a thick structured sole, and a side zipper.

Above, Libby wears the Trippen Wind. A nice accompaniment to the River, this mid-calf shoe is made of soft, mottled gray leather and features diagonal raw seams up the shaft of the boot. Sophisticated with a bit of fun, the Wind is the perfect boot for those looking for something different this season.

From this photo, you can see the Wind's raised detailing, signature Trippen sole, and full-length zipper.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tough Girl Boots!

One of our favorite trends this fall is grunge revival, and we have the perfect boots to put together your look! Think structured military boots, distressed leather, and edgy colors (not to mention oversized flannel and denim). Maya and Libby get into the groove by rocking a few looks by Vintage and Sixty Seven.

Maya is kicking butt and taking names in the 17150 by Sixty Seven, and a men's vintage plaid flannel, both available at (shoo).

This military-style boot by Sixty Seven has two-tone leather panels and inner and outer lacing along the front of the shoe. A one-inch heel adds a nice lift, and an inner zipper allows for easy on-and-off. These are a must-have for this season, so get them at (shoo) before we run out!

Libby channels her inner Courtney Love by wearing Minden boots by Vintage, oversized vintage sunnies, a bike tire cuff by Becky Tesch, and a men's vintage plaid flannel, all from (shoo).

This Vintage boot was made for the bold of heart! The textured outer is made of mottled red leather, and gold and black specks peek through to create a multi-colored look. Brass eyelets and waxy black laces add fun details to the boot. A thick sole and padding around the upper add comfort and support.

Maya smells like teen spirit in her 17689's by Sixty Seven, and an oversized men's vintage denim button-down shirt, both available at (shoo).

These Sixty Sevens are a funky update on the classic "Timberland style" hiking boot of the 90's! This boot is made in Spain of blond leather and features a wooly ankle cuff, and raised piping along the front of the shoe. The entire look wouldn't be complete without the bright metal shoelace brackets. A stacked brown heel adds a flirty touch to the structured shoe.

Stop by (shoo) in Madison, Milwaukee, or online to see all of our tuff looks!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We just received new looks from Seychelles, Hispanitas, and Corso Como for all you (shoo) lovers! Resident (shoo) cuties Amanda, Libby, and Maya are modeling killer heels for fall and winter. Check them out below and click on the links to see the shoes on our website.

Amanda is wearing the Backspace style by Seychelles. Good for the office, or for after hours, the Backspace is a neutral that will work with dark or light colors. Amanda dresses up her heels with a patterned sundress, but don't be afraid to wear them with tough jeans or leggings.

Made of bone-colored leather, the Backspace features a thick cross strap in front, giving it a sassy, asymmetrical look. A chunky heel adds support, so you'll be strutting around in style and comfort.

Libby pairs her Dolley Seychelles with a maroon vintage dress and crocodile-print clutch to create a sexy secretary look. All items are available at (shoo)! Don't be afraid to add a pop of color to the typical reds and browns of the season.

The Dolley has pleated detailing around the ankle and toe giving it a vintage feel. The teal color is offset by forest green cross-over straps in front.

Here Maya is seen wearing the Dakar by Corso Como. A modern twist on a vintage 1940's style, the Dakar is sophisticated without looking dated. This shoe is wearable day or night.

Made in Brazil of natural leather, the Dakar has a two-tone (black and grey) style. Brogueing around the ankle and along the edge of an inner cutout adds unique detailing. the spiky, 3.5 inch heel will bring out your inner diva.

Maya is rocking another cute look for fall - booties with tough detailing. The Hispanitas hi14711 are made of black Spanish leather, and couldn't be sassier. If you want to go super edgy, wear them with dark jeans. For a softer look, pair them with a feminine blouses or skirts. Maya also wears a black Big Buddha cross-over bag to match her Hispanitas!

These Hispanitas pumps offer full coverage over the front of the foot, without loosing any of its sultry appeal. Lacing, brushed gold bracket detailing, and stitched piping add unique touches.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This just in!

Check out these new fall styles at (shoo)!

Maya is wearing the ReMix Eva shoe in emerald. Crafted in Spain of genuine leather, the shoes feature an inner d'Orsay (cutout), as well as button detailing and a funky ornamental shape around the ankle. The squared heel adds comfort without feeling clunky! Maya pairs her Remix Eva's with the Mata Traders Uptown dress, an Ellington quilted bag in black leather, and vintage accessories, all available at (shoo)!

Maria is shown wearing the poetic licence Backlash heels in mustard. These shoes feature a scalloped edging detail, herringbone textile upper, and silky brown laces. The low tongue and narrow lacing provides a sleek and flattering shape to the foot, adding a bit of sex appeal to a full-coverage shoe! Maria pairs her Backlashes with the Belmont dress in green by Mata Traders. She accessorizes with a (h(om)e) clutch and vintage accessories available at (shoo)!

Maya wears the ReMix Emily, a great transition shoe for fall. The vintage-inspired heels are crafted of brown leather and feature a pinked-edge T-strap, perforated detailing, a brass buckle, and flirty cutouts throughout. The squared heel provides support and comfort without feeling clunky. Maya completes her look with the Mata Traders Belmont dress in purple, a patent leather (h(om)e) clutch, and vintage accessories.