Thursday, February 16, 2012


Wow guys, we just received some Trippen shoes for spring and they are AWESOME. We snapped a few pictures of Libby modeling the Magnolia, the Leaf in stone, and the Well. For you Trippen fans out there, these are must-have items for your collection. For those of you who have never tried Trippens before, this brand is known for its funky, architectural shapes, hand-tooled leather, and unbelievable comfort. Let us know what you think! Enjoy!

Libby wears the Well by Trippen. Made from fire engine red leather, this strappy sandal has a low wedge, a small metal clasp, and a closed heel for extra comfort. This shoe also has the signature Trippen "cross" shaped rubber sole. So adorable.

Trippen shoes are made in Germany by master craftsmen.

Well by Trippen

Libby is seen here wearing the Magnolia style. This is a whimsical demi-sandal made for spring! We love that the modified flat isn't completely bare, so it definitely safe for more formal wear. This shoe features an ankle strap with an adjustable metal clasp, and leather detailing at the toe. Very cute.

Magnolia by Trippen

Libby is seen here wearing the Leaf in stone. This modified flat is open enough to be worn in warm weather without being too dressed down. We love the thick ankle strap and leaf-shaped cutaway center. The sole is made from molded rubber in the traditional Trippen "cross" shape.

Leaf by Trippen

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