Monday, July 12, 2010

Calling All Cydwoqs!!

Great new Cydwoqs are in at (shoo)! Cydwoq is a brand made for style and comfort through the creative design and structure of each and every shoe. We now have three new pairs of these fab shoes in stock and ready to be worn.

Forbid is burgundy leather with a slight wooden heel. Jen calls this the "chicken nugget heel" but we just like to call it cute. Forbid is a great shoe that will take you from summer straight into fall and winter.
Zeta is a soft leather with dark teal marbling. This shoe is super duper comfortable and is great for ladies with wide width feet. The strap across the foot keeps things interesting as it is not your common straight strip. This detail is subtle but very cute and style touch. In lieu of the coming fall (shoo) is starting to stock its shelves with stylish boots. Kappa is a sexy boot that has similar marbling to the Zeta shoe above. What makes this boot so hot is the antique button closures that run up the back of the leg and its slick waxed leather. These boots are sure to turn heads down the street!

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