Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New from h(om)e!!

We just got in a variety of new pieces from h(om)e! Each piece is completely unique and hand-made. The designer uses recycled leather from luxury vehicles, furniture, and leather distributors to create her master pieces of wearable art. Each bag, wallet, and wristlet range in their size, shape, and color making every one different.

The wombotron bag is huge and can be used for all uses. It is big enough to be a weekend bag and sturdy enough to carry all of your books and papers in.
The ley wristlet is great for taking out with you at night because the metal hardware is sturdy around your wrist to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. You can also remove the loop and throw it in a bigger bag.

This large bag is great for any use and it's stylish too!

How cute would you look taking this wallet out of your purse? Our answer: super cute!! The closure is sturdy so none of your valuables will fall out.

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