Friday, May 21, 2010

Madison (shoo) has jewelry too!

People constantly come into our Madison location expecting the store to be identical to the Milwaukee flagship shop. Truth is, the stores do have a lot in common, but they each maintain their individual perks and charm (a lot like the Blake siblings themselves!) The selections and offerings can sometimes vary between the stores but one noticeable difference is that (shoo) Madison carries jewelry by local artists!

One artist whose work we feature is Thom Scott. Thom creates beautiful and intricate sterling silver and copper pieces with a unique machine, or perhaps even robotic, aesthetic.

(shoo) is also proud to carry the exquisite and delicate work of Evansville artist Erin Bowe. Her feminine and understated pieces are the perfect complement to every outfit. We really love her beach stone earrings and bird pendants.
Did you know you can ride your bicycle and wear it too? You can if you shop at (shoo)! Becky Tesch creates fun and playful jewelry made of recycled bicyle parts. Such a great way to go green and look cute at the same time.
We also carry vintage and antique inspired jewelry by Papavier. Her attention to detail and playful approach make her pieces such a delight to wear. We can't help but feel transported back in time (y'know, that time when people hand-wrote letters?) whenever we see her adorable love letter necklace.

(shoo) Madison also carries jewelry made by Jen Simonelli, the shop manager. Under her line, Land and Laboratory, Jennifer creates necklaces and earrings made of new and vintage buttons. Her use of buttons started years ago when she stumbled upon her mother's vintage button jar. Now, years later, she gets her buttons from friends and family all over the world and often has a story to go with each piece.

(shoo) also has the awesomest stained glass earrings and necklaces by Kate Blake, jewelry made of ceramics, and sooo much more!

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