Friday, May 15, 2009

Miss L-Fire Shoes

Miss L-Fire shoes are seriously the best things since sliced bread! Lindsey Hand is a designer out of London & creates shoes with a Fifties Americana vibe. Her retro styles are so darling, fashionable, & comfortable! This is a new line for (shoo) this spring, & it has been GREAT! I have loved each & every style I have gotten in. The shoe pictured here is called the Miss L-Fire Snow White, which is a black 2 piece wedge style with an acrylic pineapple heel reminiscent of the box purses from the fifties. There is a cute leather pom-pom on the toe-box of the pump, which gives it such a beautiful look. This shoe is only $169! Every time I wear it, I feel like I am truly a pin-up girl - it is SO cute! It is also surprisingly, VERY comfortable! I can wear it all day without any pain, & for a 4 " heel - that's pretty darn good!

The stockings pictured with the Snow White are a new line of hosiery & socks that (shoo) is now carrying called Falke. Falke is a family owned corporation out of Germany that was founded in 1895, & is still run today by the 4th generation. This German based company continually exhibit high quality and elegance in their products. You can trust these products to not just last but to provide you with sleek comfort and style. The hosiery I am wearing, is called the Falke Gardner, which is sheer on the front on the leg with a thicker opaque panel on the back. They have the appearance of a delicate lace trim running the full length of the leg. I wore these the other day & literally placed orders off my legs. At $59, no one balked - because they are truly sexy, elegant & made a statement! I am getting more of these babies in this week, & have a huge assortment coming in for fall!

The other styles to check out are the Miss L-Fire Racket, which is the cutest wedge slingback peep toe! This shoe is made with a red, white, yellow, & blue retro fabric that will go with any vintage dress. I wear them all the time! They are crazy comfy & super inexpensive at $89 - you cant beat that! The other shoe, which I also own, is called the Miss L-Fire Palm Springs. This sweet shoe is a low wedge in a white, red, light blue & pink polka dot fabric that is also very comfortable & looks great with vintage dresses! & at $79- that is a steal for such cuteness! I love this new line & I am VERY excited for the fall product to come in - which will be here in late July! I LOVE Miss L-Fire!

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